23 - 27 DECEMBER 2019
"The journey to find your perfect wedding dress has become at best, an inconvenient process for a lot of women and at worst, an exasperating experience." Brick-and-mortar boutiques often face limited inventory due to the lack of size diversity for brides who either fall too high or too low on the traditional womenswear sizing scale. Find out how made-to-order bridal brand Anomalie makes use of DressBuilder to deliver brides ranging from size 00 to 30+ with the exact dress they want even when they are unavailable in stores.
Secondhand retailers like The RealReal, ThredUp, and Poshmark have ushered in a whole new ease of shopping for preloved or used clothing apparel and items. In the last three years, secondhand retail grew 21 times faster than the traditional retail apparel market. By 2023, the secondhand apparel market will double to $51 billion. Read up more in the header.
"Since the rise of 'visual social' from all things Instagram worthy and video sharing, visual search has become one of the most important tools that consumers can be equipped with," said Cheryl Guzman, head of global marketing at ViSenze. "Our smartphones today are more feature-rich than ever and they've evolved beyond communication tools, now also serving as a consumer's personal shopping assistant. That's why it's even more important for visual search capabilities to be integrated directly within those devices so they are available at shoppers' fingertips." Check out the full infographic by ViSenze that reveals the top shopping trends from US consumers of 2019 in the header above, or download the report here at https://www.visenze.com/infographic-visual-shopping-trends-2019-us.
Consumers who shop offline often lose out on the ease of product discovery and availability of stock that e-commerce offers, while online shoppers lack the human touch and brand engagement. Transitioning into 2020, retailers would need to bridge the gap between the two modes by simplifying payment processes. This means modernising Point-of-Sale (POS) systems by implementing mobile checkouts in-store to reduce queuing time and simple one-touch digital wallet options online.
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