30 SEPT - 04 OCT, 2019
Facebook is building an AI system, Fashion++ to help users dress better by recommending what to remove, add, swap or adjust in an outfit. It is said to focus on "minimal edits" rather than changing out of the entire ensemble. The system uses deep image-generation neural network, with its source of learning based off thousands of publicly available images that has been tagged as "stylish". For something as subjective as "style", would you trust an AI to do your outfit planning?
A new player in the fintech industry, Doconomy has came up with a creative way in combating climate change. The initiative involves the creation of a credit card which allows users to track and even limit their carbon emissions associated with their spending.

Calculations are done based on the Åland Index, measuring CO2 produced with every transaction.

Doctonomy has even taken it one step further to reward their users through refunds from affiliate stores. Are you sold on the idea?
Image credit:https://webengage.com/blog/hyper-personalization-marketing-future/
When it comes to finding the right fit, shoppers that are in-between sizes tends to struggle the most. A company called Ministry of Supply, together with MIT's Self-Assembly Lab is trying to solve this together. They have invented a new technology to customise sweaters solely with the use of a heat gun. The heat shrinks the fabric due to the knit structure and the combination of materials used.

The Ideal scenario? - The shopper takes a size medium sweater off-the-shelf, approaches the six-axis robot (see image below), and see the sweater transform before their eyes. While there may be some delay in the launch, we still think the idea is pretty cool, don't you think?
Jingyi Lai is the Growth Hacker at Pixibo. She's always on the look-out for the latest in fashion and retail tech.