INDUSTRY | 24 MaY, 2019
Circular Fashion, Sustainability and the Conscious Consumer
Guilt-free wardrobes, eco-friendly brands and let's not even mention the ongoing KonMari trend that is fuelling the masses' craze for decluttering and recycling. Looks like long-term ownership of apparel is coming to an end with the rise of the conscious consumer in this era of sustainability.

Perhaps it comes at no surprise that the market for pre-owned fashion is evolving, with projections to reach $51B in 5 years according to Thredup, the world's largest online thrift store. The negative connotations once associated with second-hand fashion are slowly being eradicated as resellers offer seamless experiences for customers to purchase apparel ranging from limited edition streetwear, luxury to thrift pieces.
"In fashion, the shift to new ownership models is driven by growing customer desire for variety, sustainability, and affordability. In 2019, we predict more consumers will see growing proportion of their wardrobes made up of pre-owned or rented products."
– McKinsey x Business of Fashion, "The State of Fashion 2019"
With sustainable online marketplaces for second-hand apparel such as Thredup, TheNextCloset, RealReal and Refash on the rise, it got us thinking right away - how are we able to come into the picture to solve the problem of returns in the resale market, or perhaps even increase the value of buying second-hand apparel for customers?
"The retail sector needs to find ways to embrace, acquire, or partner with resale business models because customer adoption is likely to continue. Customers of the future will look for ways to recycle, resell or upcycle, and will be drawn to the incredible value of buying secondhand. We believe that brands will need to partner with resale sites and support the circular economy."
– Cowen and Company, "Thrift & Retail Resale Is Major: Understanding thredUP" (November 2018)
Sizing will remain as one of the greatest problems impeding resale transactions in the fashion resale market, and this will pose a daunting yet exciting challenge for us to take on.

Are we sitting this one out? Not likely.

Stay tuned on this space for more exciting updates to come!
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