Clients | 15 JUNE, 2020
CLient case study: Studio anneloes
With Pixibo Find Your Fit, Studio Anneloes saw a 3X conversion rate uplift for users who use Pixibo.
Studio Anneloes is a fast-growing Dutch fashion retailer who has taken the fashion industry by storm. With its stylish yet comfortable clothing, Studio Anneloes has won over the hearts of consumers far and wide. Its style-on-demand model ensures that shoppers will always be up to date with the latest fashion trends.

The brand focuses on delivering the best to their customers both in terms of fashion as well as the shopping experience. In line with this, they have teamed up with Pixibo to provide personalized size and fit recommendations. Those who shop online at Studio Anneloes can now find the right size without the fitting room. By keying in their basic body measurements, Pixibo's AI-powered fit advisor - Find Your Fit, will instantly recommend a size that fits best for the shoppers.

With Pixibo's Find Your Fit, Studio Anneloes has observed a tripling of conversion rates for shoppers who engage with Find Your Fit, as compared to those who do not. Here's what Floor Coers, E-commerce Manager at Studio Anneloes BV, has to say:

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