company | 18 JUNE, 2020
Pixibo client spotlight - josh v

Our latest client spotlight features Josh V - leading Dutch Fashion and Lifestyle brand. The brand was founded by fashion entrepreneur and designer Josh Veldhuizen in 2011. It is known for its stylish and elegant collections that make women's hearts worldwide skip a beat.

WIth its highly accessible yet still luxurious, ready-to-wear collections, Josh V has transformed into a prominent fashion label within just a few years. JOSH V is now sold in over 400 partner stores, and the JOSH V collections are available in eight different countries. JOSH V items are also sold worldwide from the official web shop at

Pixibo's Partnership Director, Rianne Reitsma has had the pleasure of meeting with Josh V's CEO, Josh Veldhuizen, as well as Sander Ligthart, Josh V's e-commerce and digital marketing manager to learn more about the challenges faced by consumers when shopping online and how they have overcome them.

What are some of the challenges of being an online retailer?

Sander Ligthart said that the biggest challenge of online shopping is finding the right size without the fitting room. This has often led to customers returning the items they have purchased.

Josh V has tackled this issue with Pixibo's Find-Your-Fit solution. With Find-Your-Fit, shoppers can instantly get personalized size and fit advice just by keying in a few body metrics and indicating their size preference.

How has Pixibo Impacted Josh V?

Find-Your-Fit has helped dramatically decrease their return rates, and has even improved customer satisfaction. They have also observed that shoppers who have engaged with Pixibo's Find-Your-Fit and received size advice, convert more easily.

How does Pixibo differ from other size solutions you've used before?

Josh V has chosen Pixibo's Find-Your-Fit as their go-to size solution because of its algorithm that caters to the diversity of different body types and different types of clothing. It is able to provide unique size advice for each clothing item, allowing customers to make more informed choices while shopping.
Pixibo is proud to partner with Josh V in transforming the online shopping experience. Follow us on Linkedin to stay updated on Pixibo's latest developments!

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