Introducing the Pixibo Client Spotlight Series
Ever wondered how fashion businesses build and manage their brands? This is your chance to uncover the stories and operations of fashion labels through the Pixibo Client Spotlight Series ‒ our very own in-house produced series on exclusive behind-the-scenes of our clients, from multi-billion dollar marketplaces to fast-fashion private labels.

In these episodes, we will be interviewing founders, e-commerce managers and other key individuals of fashion businesses and the companies we work with on how they build their brands. Basically just getting to know more about their brands and perhaps a little glimpse into their creative workspaces!

Our very first episode of the spotlight series features Amsterdam-based fashion lifestyle brand Colourful Rebel and its founder, Bas Van De Brug.

In this episode, Bas brings us through the journey of Colourful Rebel and how the brand has evolved from a lifestyle magazine into a hugely successful online fashion store which now sells hundreds of pieces of apparel across Europe.

Find out more about our collaboration with Colourful Rebel here or check out their website at Stay tuned for our next episode!
Yunqi Ye is the Content Wizard at Pixibo. Creative and inquisitive, she is the one behind Pixibo's social media and blog posts, bringing to you our latest happenings.