Industry | 22 JUNE, 2020
Consumers are ready, but are you?
54% of customers are ready to resume casual purchasing in stores

As lockdowns come to a close and retail stores reopen, consumers can now return back to shopping in stores. But the question is, will consumers be willing to return? The answer is dependent upon the robustness of safety measures put in place by retailers in ensuring a safe shopping experience.

A recent study by First Insights has shown that 54% of shoppers are ready to resume casual purchasing in stores. However, in contrast to this, 65% of women are uncomfortable with the idea of using store fitting rooms, and about 66% of them rather not seek the help of sales associates fearing physical contact. This highlights consumer apprehension due to potential risks of contracting Covid-19 despite their enthusiasm to get back into in-store shopping. Great emphasis should therefore be placed on the implementation of safety measures in order to ensure the return of consumers to stores.

Leading fashion retailers such as Nordstrom, Macy's and Gap have already taken steps in redesigning their stores such that consumers can shop safely. This includes the incorporation of sanitizers at the door, plexi-glass at checkout counters and social distancing measures. Such measures have proved useful in regaining consumer confidence to shop in stores.

"Our reopened stores are performing better than anticipated"
Jeff Gennette, Macy's Chief Executive
While this is good news for the retail industry, let's make sure it is not one that is short lived. Apart from adopting the best practices by these leading retailers in reopening their stores, retailers should be on a constant lookout for ways to further improve the safe shopping experience.

Retailers can explore contactless technology such as Pixibo's Contactless Try-On (CTO) to help them with this. As retail shopping experiences transition from high-touch to low-touch amidst this pandemic, apparel stores should focus on adapting a low-contact approach to browsing and trying on clothes in store.

As we transition into a new retail landscape, retailers have to be prepared to navigate through this period of uncertainty by constantly listening to, and addressing their customer's concerns.

Pixibo is committed to guiding omnichannel retailers through uncertainty and helping them deliver a new experience with shopper safety in mind.

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