Company | 25 JUNE, 2020
Introducing contactless try-on
Find the right fit without the fitting room.

Yes, retail has changed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic and the shift from 'high-touch' to 'low-touch' in fashion retail is likely here to stay. But here's the good news - after months of lockdown, a survey conducted by First Insight indicated that consumers are ready to buy apparel in store.

Introducing Contactless Try-On. Find the right fit without the fitting room

Contactless Try-On helps fashion retailers deliver a new shopping experience with shopper safety in mind. This in-store solution takes the power of Pixibo Find Your Fit, fashion retail's most accurate size & fit recommendation tool, into your stores. Here's how it works:

As fashion retail opens up around the world one thing is certain - shopper safety is now the #1 priority of the post covid retail experience. Given the high contact nature of in-store fashion shopping some shoppers will choose not to use a fitting room in the months to come. We have moved quickly to adapt and repurpose our core IP and technology to build a solution for such shoppers. Contactless Try On enables shoppers to enjoy in-store fashion shopping without having to use a fitting room. We want to help retailers set the gold standard in safe retailing.
Rohit Kumar, CEO of Pixibo
To learn more about Contactless Try-On, get in touch with our sales team today. Request a demo here.
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