Industry | 10 JUNE, 2020
Fashion Retail is Changing
UK shoppers will have to "exercise restraint" when shopping as stores reopen from June 15.
The United Kingdom is now preparing itself for the reopening of its economy in the coming weeks. Non-essential stores in England will be allowed to reopen from 15th June onwards.

While shoppers are eager to return to their pre-covid daily lives and routines, Michael Gove, Minister of the Cabinet Office, has cautioned British citizens against trying on clothes and testing goods ahead of purchase.

He told BBC Breakfast: "So when it comes to touching and testing goods, when it comes to trying on clothing, when it comes to trying make-up and so on, that all of us exercise restraint in not doing that and recognising that as these stores reopen, it is a new normal, but it will allow us to ensure there are a wider range of goods and will also ensure the economy can return to a new normal, that is absolutely vital for people's jobs."

In light of the Covid-19 situation, shopping habits that come as a second nature to shoppers, will have to take a backseat. By exercising restraint when it comes to interacting with items in store, the risk of contracting the virus while shopping can be minimised. This is crucial in ensuring the safety of shoppers and staff.

The failure to observe these safety precautions may lead to surges in infection rates, forcing businesses to close once again for fear of forming new clusters. Therefore, shopping habits have to change such that the economy can recover in a safe and sustainable manner.

Now we know what shoppers can do to play their part in ensuring a safe shopping environment. But what about retailers? What can retailers do to prepare for the safe reopening of stores post Covid-19?

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