Fit Discover - Global-first Personal Shopping Experience
We're all too familiar with the biggest headache that online retailers face — the piling heap of returns due to size misfit. But what's also frustrating is also the problem of product discovery. Against a backdrop of billions of product offerings online, the sizing issue is compounded even more as shoppers find it difficult to come by an apparel that they like.

Fortunately, visual search and image recognition has made way for a greater degree of ease for shoppers to find their desired products. In fact, visual search has become one of the latest breakthroughs that has made a mark in the e-commerce arena, especially in the realm of fashion.

Today, we're excited to announce our partnership with the leading visual technology company - ViSenze. Together, we are combining personal style and fit data to bring to market Fit Discover - Global-first Personal Shopping Experience.

The process is simple. When shoppers see an apparel they like, they'll just need to snap a picture or screenshot of it, upload it onto the app and boom — a carefully curated catalog of items based on shoppers' style, size & fit preferences will float to the top for a more efficient path to discovering new styles they'll love and fit them well.
Shoppers have limited time when they land on a site. And relevance is a huge factor in order for recommendations to translate into purchase. Fit Discover is built on this logic and shows the shopper a selection of items related to the product they've just viewed, all within the Pixibo Find Your Fit results screen. The important distinction? All recommendations will be products that the shoppers like and fit them well.
"We admire and recognise Pixibo's expertise in solving for the size and fit issue in the online retail space as they continue to usher in a whole new level of personalisation through harnessing the power of personal style and fit data. Their commitment to solve online fashion's oldest problem has shone brightly through this partnership - from assembling all aspects of development to integrating its tech seamlessly with ViSenze's image search intelligence, Pixibo was a crucial piece that allowed us to enrich the product recommendation experience for customers and come through with Zalora's global-first personal shopper feature that powers recommendations that are extra relevant to customers' style, size and fit."
Name Surname, CEO, Visenze
"We're delighted to have partnered with Pixibo in the creation of our global-first personal shopper solution. Pixibo's expertise in bringing together personal style and fit data to provide a host of product recommendations on our site has brought about a highly personalised shopping experience never seen before in the market.

Together with ViSenze, the market leader in intelligent image recognition solutions, Pixibo has enhanced customer retention by recommending other similar items in sizes that best suit shoppers who encounter items that are out of stock."
Name Surname, CEO, Zalora
In today's multi-touchpoint, multichannel and hypercompetitive consumer markets, it is no longer possible to have a siloed focus on individual touchpoints. Previously, an ad or a word-of-mouth recommendation would have led a new customer to shop at an online store. Today, "the path buyers take to reach your store is no longer as straightforward," says ViSenze, "the consumer decision journey now looks like a looping circular route with several touchpoints, rather than a simple, narrow funnel.".

The customer's end-to-end experience is taking over, and we are here to make that change. By enabling retailers to reach customers at moments that influence their decisions most, we're truly proud to be part of this strategic partnership to help transform the online shopping journey.

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Yunqi Ye is the Content Wizard at Pixibo. Creative and inquisitive, she is the one behind Pixibo's social media and blog posts, bringing to you our latest happenings.