results | 19 APR 2018
How Pixibo Helped Shoeby Increase Conversions by 70%
When Shoeby came onboard as a customer in March, we knew we had quite a task at hand. Shoeby, over the thirty-five years of its existence, has established its commitment to personal attention and service, our challenge was to recreate this experience for their online store as well.

Shoppers on Shoeby could rely on the traditional size guide, or opt for Pixibo's AI-powered algorithm to recommend the ideal size based on their inputs.
The great thing about this parallel comparison was that it helped us understand the true impact of our recommendation engine. Based on data collected by the brand, conversion rates were 70% higher for transactions that involved Pixibo's recommendations when compared to those that relied on the traditional sizing guide.

It goes to reaffirm the fact that Pixibo's size and fit algorithm solves one of the biggest problems of online shopping — it removes the unnecessary confusion associated with inconsistent sizing practices and cumbersome measurement tables. As a result, shoppers get to focus on the one thing they set out to do when they reach the site — to find outfits they wish to buy.

Don't want to take our word for it? You shouldn't.

Try it out, here.
Jing yi is the Growth Hacker at Pixibo. She gets involved in all aspects of the business, always looking for ways to make things better our product, our clients and their shoppers.