It's Snack Time!
Everyone deserves a savory snack for their midday breaks. Here at Pixibo, snack time is not to be missed! Just this week we went around asking a few Pixies what their favourite go-to snacks are. Needless to say, they've got us cracking up.

Rohit: Coco Life Coconut Water
A healthy option jam packed with naturally occurring electrolytes, there's no other miracle water that keeps Rohit more hydrated other than Coco Life Coconut Water! Probably a perfect drink for someone who pitches so often.

Karthik: Coke
"tssSSS kr-POP"! - If you hear this in the office, it's probably Karthik taking his daily dose of coke. A dangerous yet refreshing addiction, here's featuring Karthik and his iconic drink.

"Beer and Coca-cola represents my 9-6-7 job. According to the scientific study "Ballmer Peak", programmers do a really good job when their BAC is over 0.1% and Coke gets me going for rest of the day! I don't snack on anything else ????"

Jing Yi: Cereal
Honey gold flakes, lucky charms, or koko krunch? All types of cereal appeal to our cereal-lover here at Pixibo - Jing Yi may not have decided on her favourite cereal brand, but there's one thing we're sure of: nothing beats an ol' hearty bowl of cereal for her!

Kyu: Anything with nuts
Kyu's going nuts over nuts! Here's what she has to say about her favourite snack:
"My favourite midday snack is anything that has nuts in it. Nut milk, Peppero Almond flavour, glazed nuts…etc. If you want to ask me for a favor, just give me one of these things!"

Yunqi Ye is the Content Wizard at Pixibo. Creative and inquisitive, she is the one behind Pixibo's social media and blog posts, bringing to you our latest happenings.