Leverage Personal Style & Fit Data To Customise Every Touchpoint
Retargeting through social, email and other marketing channels are a great way of making products visible to customers. But imagine being able to personalise each of such interactions, right down to shoppers' size and fit preference. Fit API is built for such moments. It takes the power of accurate size and fit recommendations into other marketing channels so you can influence purchase decisions even when your customers are not on your site.
Without Pixibo
With Pixibo
With Fit API built to shorten the path to purchase with customised marketing messages, we help online retailers retarget and draw shoppers back to their site, driving up conversion rates for them. Personalised email messages have proven to increase click through rates by an average of 14% and conversions by 10%.

We are excited to partner with MoEngage to create highly personalised email campaigns for Mapemall. With Fit API integrated into MoEngage's intelligent marketing automation platform, Mapemall shoppers can now receive personalised newsletters integrated with styles they like and will fit them well.

"We are excited to partner with Pixibo to connect personal style and fit data to MoEngage personalisation engines to help our customers send targeted email campaigns and drive higher engagement rates. Pixibo's Fit API allows our fashion ecommerce customers to craft highly relevant campaigns ensuring that every user receives a newsletter with the products in their recommended size and in stock. We are delighted to partner with Pixbo to bring this industry first innovation to the market."

Sanjay Kupae - Head of Alliances at MoEngage
Our partnership with MoEngage also marks the launch of Pixibo Partnership Program. Pixibo partners can leverage personalised style & fit data through Fit API to enhance their solutions with the power of accurate size and fit recommendations. We work with best-in-class retail tech companies to create a retail ecosystem that provides a fully personalised shopping experience for customers online and in store.

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