CLIENTS | 17 November, 2020
Free From Sizing Woes
Pixibo is now live on Freebird Icons!
Freebird shoppers can now spread their wings and shop with confidence. Find Your Fit is now live on Freebird Icons' webshop!

Freebird Icons is a trendy Amsterdam-based fashion brand that believes in transforming every aspect of life into a perfectly fitting dress. To them, the best part of a dress is the woman who wears it. What better way to celebrate the wearer than with the perfect fit?

With Find Your Fit, shoppers at Freebird will no longer have to worry about purchasing the wrong size. Team Pixibo is looks forward to enhancing the shopping experience for valued Freebird customers and beyond.

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Siew May is Pixibo's Marketer. She hopes to captivate and delight through social media and content. Her hobbies include binge watching shows on Netflix and spending time with her pet maltipoo.