CLIENTS | 2 JUNE, 2020
We are live on Sans Faff!
Pixibo's Find Your Fit is now live on Sans Faff!

Sans Faff represents a collective unafraid of challenging the overwhelming excess created by temporary trends. They are activists for the future they want to build, and are consistent champions of conscious consumption, simplicity in design, and doing more with less.

Responsibly made in Singapore, Sans Faff is a minimalist womenswear label focused on producing limited pieces at limited qualities so as to preserve resources and avoid waste.

Their simple yet well-constructed designs transcend the seasons, providing the foundation for a thoughtful and intelligent wardrobe that speaks to every woman's authentic style.

Ultimately, Sans Faff has created a platform for which consumers can shop sustainably, and make a difference. Pixibo is more than proud to be a partner of Sans Faff, a brand that is at the forefront of sustainable fashion in today's modern society.

Through the implementation of Pixibo's Find Your Fit on Sans Faff's website, shoppers can now get personalised size recommendations and can be confident that their purchase will fit.

Our team at Pixibo looks forward to helping their customers shop sustainably by finding the right fit for the clothes that they love.

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