Company | 24 June, 2021
Announcing our partnership with Zozo Technologies
We are excited to announce our deep technical partnership with Zozo Technologies to integrate 3D Foot Scan data into Find Your Fit size recommendations for footwear.
The ZOZOMAT generates a 3D model of the shopper's foot with millimeter accuracy using numerous printed fiducial markers. Once a scan is complete, an interactive 3D model of the foot is produced along with many detailed measurements including foot length, width, and girth. This data is used as an input variable to generate real-time size recommendations on the e-commerce websites of our retail partners.
The Zozo scan data will be natively integrated into Pixibo's web APIs making it seamless for our retail partners to incorporate into their shopping experience. The mat has the thickness of an A4 sheet of paper making it extremely portable and can be fully branded and customised for our enterprise partners.
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