Pixibo Partners with Aetrex - Global Leader in Foot Scanning Technology
Shopping for footwear in-store can seem so much like a chore for shoppers. On one aisle we have the Nike Air range that provides lightweight cushioning through its pressurised air design, while on another aisle we have the Adidas Boost range with a sole designed to be soft and responsive, protective yet resilient.

Mid-sole resilience, upper foot structure, sneaker cushioning, elevated shoe sole - there's so much details that goes into making your favourite shoe. We could go on. But that's not it. These features have added an extra layer of complexity into the purchase process and a result 3 in 5 people are wearing shoes that do not fit them well.

That's why we decided to zero in on the physical brick-and-mortar store experience. Partnering with Aetrex's 3D foot scanner, we're delighted to announce that we are bringing to market an interactive retail solution that provides highly personalised shoe recommendations based on the shoppers' foot type and preferences.

Aetrex's proprietary foot scanner ‒ Albert ‒ is an advanced retail foot scanning technology that captures detailed data about a shopper's feet and generates 3D digital analysis of the foot. For over 15 years, Aetrex's scanning technology has helped millions of shoppers around the world.
Here's how Pixibo's integration with Aetrex works. Upon entering the store, the Albert foot scanner provides users with comprehensive data about their feet in under 1 minute. This information is then fed into Pixibo's recommendation algorithm that takes into account shoppers' preferences such as activity type, intensity level and style preferences.

Sales associates are able to make informed shoe recommendations to shoppers, presenting to them a highly personalised catalogue of items that fit them well.

Shoppers would only need to have their feet scanned once. The data generated from their foot scans can be accessed and retrieved from every store outlet of the retailer including the retailer's webshop.
"We're excited to combine our proprietary 3D foot scanning technology with Pixibo's footwear recommendation algorithm to create a highly tailored, unique, in-store solution for footwear. Together with Pixibo we hope to bring data-driven intelligence to traditional retail and allow store associates to provide a better experience to shoppers."
Larry Schwartz, CEO, Aetrex Worldwide, Inc.
As retail continues to adapt to shifting technology trends, we believe that well trained and informed sales associates are one of the greatest assets of omnichannel retail.

Smarter sales assistants, smarter footwear choices.

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