Clients | 5 March, 2019
Pixibo To Make Finding Fashion on Zalora a Whole Lot Easier
We've used this space before to announce new client wins but this time it's a bit more special. Our latest client boasts of having over 200 million visits and over 4,000,000 app downloads. Founded in the year 2012, Zalora figures right on top of the list of successful online fashion retailers in Asia.
Why does that make this partnership even more exciting for Pixibo? Well, because after a nail-biting 3-month A/B test with two other players in the market, Zalora has chosen Pixibo as the preferred technology partner across all brands and categories on their site. The partnership will make it easier for Zalora's customers to reach products that are best suited to them recommended in the optimum size and fit, across the local and international brands currently available on the site.

In 2018, fashion e-commerce accounted for 20.4% of total fashion retail sales in the United States, witnessing a steady growth since 2003. Ecommerce revenue from the sale of apparel, footwear, and accessories in the country amounted to an estimated $130 billion during the same time-period. Despite the steady growth of fashion ecommerce, the problem of high return continues to plague the online fashion industry. The average return rate for apparel rests somewhere between 20% to 50%, peaking quite expectedly during the holiday season. What isn't surprising is that incorrect sizes are the number one reason for return.

That's where we come in.

Pixibo intelligently solves the problem of incorrect size and fit with its algorithm that analyses shopper inputs of weight, height, and age along with information about the product to deliver highly personalized style and fit advice to each and every shopper on the site. In the last couple of years, Pixibo has helped personalize the online shopping experience for thousands of customers worldwide.

The results speak for themselves. Dutch fashion e-tailer JOSH V signed on Pixibo in mid-2017 to help fix the size issue on their site. Pixibo's Find Your Fit has helped lower return rates on JOSH V's site by 23% when it is chosen to make a decision as opposed to the traditional size-guide. In fact, 75% of their shoppers now receive a Pixibo-powered recommendation before making a transaction.

It might be a while before online fashion retailers are able to completely solve the problem of high returns and prevent it from eating into their profitability. However, the introduction of AI-powered technology in fashion comes as a step in the right direction, bringing the promise of ease and simplicity to online shopping.

If high returns are eating into your profit margins and you're wondering how technology can bring you the positive uptick you need, head to to find out how we can help!
Doreen Tan is the Product Lead at Pixibo. Technically minded and eagled eyed, she makes sure Pixibo delivers products on time and to the highest standards.