Clients | 27 June, 2019
The Future of Fashion is Circular

The rise of the conscious consumer has seen clothing, footwear and bags alike being considered as "tradable assets". What this means is that the lifespan of fashion products is now becoming longer, making apparel rotation more prevalent today.

"'Circular fashion' can be defined as clothes, shoes or accessories that are designed, sourced, produced and provided with the intention to be used and circulate responsibly and effectively in society for as long as possible in their most valuable form, and hereafter return safely to the biosphere when no longer of human use."
— Dr. Anna Brismar, 2017,
Poor fit remains one of the core reasons why clothes are returned, and this issue is compounded in the resale market as 100% of the pre-owned inventory is single-sized. Despite this, the pre-owned market is here to stay - fashion is increasingly getting circular, sustainability is a key topic and consumers are now more conscious about their consumption. The leading players in the industry have done a great job at removing the stigma associated with buying pre-owned clothes which is helping this category become mainstream.

Today, we are delighted to announce our partnership with The Next Closet, a leading peer-to-peer marketplace and community platform for preloved designer fashion in Europe. Here at Pixibo we believe that the future of fashion is circular - with TNC's mission to promote second-hand fashion as the next fashion revolution, we couldn't standby and watch this opportunity go to waste. Next thing we knew, we got on board to help TNC achieve its mission of making second-hand fashion more mainstream by powering size & fit recommendations.

There exists a significant barrier that is keeping many shoppers from trying pre-owned, and that's the user experience. Discovery has always been a problem in fashion but it is amplified in pre-owned where 100% of the inventory is single-sized. So you go through the usual rigmarole of home page > category > dresses > 100s of SKUs and somehow you get to something that you like, but what are the chances that the one piece is available in your size. Filters don't work for obvious reasons as a shopper would be an "S" in one brand, a UK 8 in another and an unknown size in a different brand.

However, with Pixibo's Find Your Fit, shoppers can cut through all these troubles and be able to find apparels that best fit their body shape. The Pixibo algorithm is adept at making a binary recommendation and providing appropriate fit descriptions of how the single-sized item will fit the shopper. We are thus proud to have played a small part in apparel rotation by assisting fashion resale companies like TNC to make the process more convenient for their shoppers.

It's truly inspiring to see brands like TNC tap into sustainability and have it as their core business identity. Helping TNC combine high-quality fashion together with its circular approach is indeed a simple solution that addresses the need for sustainable fashion. Most of all, it proves that fashion retailers and supporting B2B businesses can very well decrease the carbon footprint of this industry! At the end of the day, we aim to achieve what the circular economy envisions - an empty trash can.

Find out more about Pixibo's solutions here to see how we help leading apparel brands become more profitable and more responsible.

Yunqi Ye is the Content Wizard at Pixibo. Creative and inquisitive, she is the one behind Pixibo's social media and blog posts, bringing to you our latest happenings.