PRODUCT | 31 Mar, 2022
Three features shoppers LOVE the most about Find Your Fit
1. Our fuss-free single screen flow means shoppers get personalised size recommendations in an instant! We are the only fit tool with a one page onboarding flow. Our goal is to get our shoppers off our widget quickly and back to what they love doing the most - shopping! Find Your Fit's widget completion rate is industry leading at 91%
2. Along with a real time size recommendation, shoppers also get to view aggregate purchase and returns of shoppers with similar body profiles. Our powerful Social Sizing data is based on more than 900 million unique data points like conversions, returns, shopper body profiles, category sub-types and more.
3. Real-time automatic size recommendations across all categories. The real magic of Find Your Fit comes in after the shopper completes the single screen user flow once on any SKU. From here on, as she navigates from a Top, to a Dress, to a pair of trousers or even swimwear the right recommendation is always right there ready to be added to cart. The same shopper might wear an XS for a top, S for a bodycon dress, 32 for a pair Crop Skinny Trousers and M for a Skirt. No more guesswork or messing around with size conversion tables !
Alvin Effendy is Pixibo's content editor and visual designer.