Clients | 15 NOV, 2017
To v or not to v
Browsing through JOSH V's online site almost feels like you're taking a trip down a quaint little European town with Josh Veldhuizen for company. Something about the carefully-curated and stylishly laid out design tells you just why European fashion is revered world over.

Well, JOSH V's ecommerce site got a major upgrade two months back when they became the first European brand to sign up with Pixibo. We're excited to announce we're now live on JOSH V!
What does that mean for shoppers on JOSH V?

Apart from getting to choose from the latest in European style and fashion, shoppers on the site can use the custom advice option to find the right size for them across outfits. Pixibo's algorithm works behind the scenes to analyze shopper inputs of weight, height, and age along with information about the product to deliver contextually aware style and fit advice to every shopper.
Sounds too good to be true? Head to to try it out yourself!
Rohit Kumar is the CEO and Co founder of Pixibo. He's on a mission to change the way people shop.