Clients | 15 Nov, 2016
We're live with FLONT!
We at Pixibo are committed to making online fashion more fun and accessible for the millions of online shoppers around the globe. That is why it's even more exciting when we get to partner with brands that hold a similar dream at their core.

Flont, India's first fashion rental site, aims to make fashion more accessible for women across the globe so they get to experience the joy of premium fashion without being burdened by the weight of ownership.
The biggest challenge for a fashion rental site is to ensure their customers are sent the right clothes, when they need them, and that they fit well. Uncertainty around size and fit is one of the biggest worries for online fashion and the problem is aggravated when the need is time-intensive as well like in the case of fashion rental. You need the right outfit in the perfect size but you need it at the right time, too!

As partners, we'll be helping Flont offer personalized size and fit recommendations to their customers in real time so they can make informed decisions on what works best. With Pixibo's algorithm, Flont attempts to improve the online rental experience by providing the right personalized recommendations to their customers.
Pixibo's AI-based software is built to solve online fashion's oldest problem and reduce the uncertainty associated with size while shopping online. Our latest partnership goes to prove that the problem of conversion is not just limited to online purchases but is all the more relevant for last-minute fashion rental services where customer satisfaction is key to repeat purchase and loyalty.
Rohit Kumar is the CEO and Co founder of Pixibo. He's on a mission to change the way people shop.